Maxtor personal storage 3200 bkf not recognized

I am connecting a Maxstor 3200 which was backed up on Windows XP Pro in 2006. I am now trying to download the data on that unit to a laptop running Windows 7 and Microsoft Pro. It says it cant open the BKF file as it does not recognize it. I can see plenty of online downloads available to fix this but which is safe? I have all my family photos on this thing and am paranoid about doing the wrong thing. Thx
I should add that the device is recognized and that it says i have the right driver for the product. I can see the files on the disk.
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  1. I suggest finding reviews of any software that will allow you to open the file, especially from a reputable website such as . Do lots of research to make sure you don't do anything to damage the files on the disk. Check out the maxtor website as well for any official software that they offer for this.

    See, this is why I have back-ups for my back-ups, and I just do a straight copy and paste of the files themselves. No need to deal with file formats, compression, whatever.
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