UNDERclocking a low power system

I am in the process of completing a low power build (PSU rated at 160w).

I recently sold an i3 2100, GTX 560 ti SLI, 16gb DDR3 build and now want something small, cool and quiet. I have wasted far too much money on several builds over the past 2 years (i3 530, i5 750, i3 2100, OEM HP, atom + all iterations of Fermi) and rarely game so now want a cheap box for a bit of light gaming and office work. Fun hobby, but expensive so going to focus on the car / motorbike / girlfriend for a while :)

I have ordered the parts, now just need some help on how to perform a stable underclock on the G530 to reach a lower TDP (40 - 50w would be ideal). I decided against atom / E350 for this build as they have limited (NO) future upgrade potential and would choke with light gaming (got good results with atom 330 + 8800 GTS back in the day but games have moved on).

This build will allow for future upgrades if I decide I need Ivybridge / GTX 690 + accouterments to match.

1. Intel Celeron G530 @ 2.4Ghz / 2Mb cache (65w MAX out of the box)
Cheap and should run basic games with ease - COD4, Dead Island, Left for Dead 2, Crysis (cough)

2. Asus P8H67-I PRO Mini ITX
This board uses SODIMM which wasn't ideal as I have 16gb of 2200Mhz Mushkin DDR3 sitting in my draw, but this sacrifice was made to accommodate mini PCI-e > wifi and bluetooth built into this board. Not too concerned about this as it will be running a G530 and basic GPU so RAM won't factor into it much.

3. MSI Twin Fan GT 440 1gb (65w MAX out of the box)
This card is low profile and comes with the brackets to fit into a slimline case. The dual fan setup was my personal choice as I always wanted one of these "military grade" cards. I did consider other low profile cards (or a GTS450) but this seemed the best Nvidia (Physx) at a reasonable TDP of 65w

4. Intel X25M 80gb SSD
Had this in a current build (Intel T2700 Core duo mini itx HP OEM with modded BIOS) so will be using it in the future build - with a fresh install of course

5. 4gb SODIMM 1333Mhz DDR3
Any generic, probably Hynix or Kingston - not too fussed as it is connected to a low end CPU and GPU on a 32bit OS.

The case is an In-Win BM639 with 160w PSU (if there 200w+ PSU that are the same form factor I may upgrade)

Tried to provide as much info as possible (and reasoning to avoid questions on choices) - now just need help on the underclock settings please. Or if I can turn off CPU functions to ensure 65w is never acheived.

Any help appreciated
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