Best LGA775 mobo w/ 4 ddr2 mem slots and onboard video

my HP motherboard fried (liquid spill). I want a simple replacement with onboard video and 4 ddr2 memory slots. I have an Intel Q9300 CPU & Vista Home Prem 64bit. No overclocking needed and I do not play advanced games.
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  1. what kind of ram? the model number

    What kind of power supply, model number/name also (mainly just considering the connecter pin type, if you will need an extension)
  2. Thanks for the quick response blckhaze, and for your assistance. It is much appreciated. :D dac

    4 240 pin DDR2 DIMM sockets, PC2-6400 (800MHz) memory. I have 2 2gig and 2 1gig pieces.

    Power supply in HP computer is Delta Electronics DPS-460DB-1 A Rev 03F HP part# 5188-2862

    BUT... since I thought the PS was fried as well, I bought a new Antec Neo ECO 520C Power supply that I will swap in at the same time at the motherboard. 24-pin (20+4) main connector, 4+4 pin ATX/EPS, 8 pin (6+2) PCI-E + 6 pin PCI-E, 6 Molex connectors + Floppy, 6 Serial ATA connectors
  3. Looking at Newegg under search results of
    Socket 775 (your cpu)
    4x DDR2 (your ram)

    Highest rated and cheap.. Looks like a solid board according to reviews:

    Highly rated and most popular:

    Or if you want to look through 120 different motherboards, just narrow the search down to:
    Socket 775
    4x DDR2 800 Dimm slots
    Good ratings (optional)

    Good luck :)
  4. Thanks again blckhaze, but I am looking for onboard video and I have DDR2 memory that I want to use.

    When the specs say DDR3, can I use my DDR2 memory? (backward compatible?) thanks, dac
  5. Since you didn't mention a budget, I will try to keep it around 100 USD. Intel BOXDG45ID LGA 775 Intel G45 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard can be found on and seems to be similar to what you are requesting. Hope that it works for you and good luck with your computer.
  6. haha, guess that settles it ^janxta
  7. Glad to help! Sorry I missed the part about onboard video...

    DDR2 and DDR3 are designed differently, I do not think they are in any way compatible with eachother socketwise or ram either.

    4 DDR2 slots (some motherboards have 4 slots, 2xddr2, 2xddr3)
    Onboard video
    775 socket

    Recommended due to better reviews and buyers.

    Here is an Asus board:
  8. Thanks for the mb recommendations guys. I will check these out further but they both look good.

    zipzoom: do I need 6 gig? I don't know the answer. If I get the Intel board, won't it use a lot of the system memory? Assuming it is configurable, wouldn't I want to assign a gig or more? It just seems like I will need more memory down the road - but just speculation based on trends.
    I did notice that there are many boards to choose from if I go down to 2 DIMM slots. thanks :sol:
  9. And you have a HP model number what ? Best way for someone to check and see what the machine originally came with. Some of these machines can only put certain boards in them and also power supplies.
  10. Thanks Swifty... HP Pavilion D5000T KT 608AV#ABA
  11. Does that board have 1 pci-e 16 slot.... 3 or 4 pci 1x slots and 2 pci 4x slots ?
  12. Two PCI - One PCI Express x16 graphics - Four PCI Express x1 in the dead mobo.
  13. Regarding onboard video and shared memory usage..... I just read where the Asus board will use 1832 mb of memory if allowed and the Intel board will use over 2 gig if allowed.
    So, since I already own 6 gig of memory, I am still thinking I want the new mobo to have 4 memory slots.
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