Need to replace some very very old Techniks(RP-F350) headphones for my comp.

What is the best current headset/headphones out there?

Although I match every so often, I dont care about having a mic, so if its some really good headphones, then thats fine.

Budget? Nothing stupid, I think I got my current headphones from argos.co.uk about 5-10 years ago for about £30-£50. Im willing to spend £50 max if the new ones can last another 10 years!

Usage: Gaming, movies, general listening to music.

They need to be comfortable!

Here is my current speakers setup, which I connect my headphones to
Creative Inspire T7900 7.1 Speaker System Dolby EX DTS ES Directsound Ready

I hardly ever use my speakers, but its there when needed
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  1. Anything by Sennheiser. They make some great headphones and even on the lowest setting they'll shut the world out. I have the Sennheiser HD280 Pro. 9 feet worth of cord and I do look a little weird when I use it in public, but it's great. Very comfortable, I got them at $100, so less than £50. Had them for about 2 years now. I use it for movies, music, and games. It's plugged into a M-Audio Revolution soundcard.

  2. I purchased the Sennheiser PC-350 headset over the summer and am extremely pleased with them. They cost around $90 on eBay, though a thriftier shopper could probably get a better deal. They're of high quality, are less prone to accidental breakage because of their design, and most importantly are very comfortable for long periods of time. I would highly recommend them if you could find one within your budget.
  3. +1 for Sennheiser. In my experience, they are the best sounding headsets for a reasonable price. I've also heard good things about the SteelSeries, but never used myself. Me, I'm a neat freak, and went with the Plantronics .Audio995 wireless headset. Sound quality is 6/10, Mic quality is 8/10. Battery life is about 10 hours per charge, but they use an internal battery :(. But, they're 100% wireless, and rather comfortable. I paid 25$ US new on ebay, but they're anywhere from 60-100 new.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    The HD280 Pro 9, have some really good reviews, but at the same time the headband has a big negative. Though they look ok and may be high quality I dont think they will last as long as I'd like

    The PC-350 look awesome, any reviews from audio freaks?

    Cant find something regarding the steel series, any links?

    Personally, I keep away from wireless goods, unless its a remote control for a TV or media centra, or its wifi.
  5. This is the steelseries site. I usually shy from wireless as well, but the joy of urinating while on ventrilo is purely exhilarating!

  6. they look really good and very very comfortable, just what I like, but not sure on the spec's though. Seem's like its all shiney goods with no real hardware inside?
  7. Well, if you look at the technical data of each brand, they're close in specs. For example, the SS Siberia has a response of 18-28k HZ, and the Senns have a response of 10-26k HZ. Siberias have a driver of 40mm, Senns 38mm. But, the SS have a MSRP of 65, and the Senns are 229. It all depends on what you'd like to spend. I'd personally use either brand, they're both very solid and will give you good sound quality, although to me, the SS look a little more comfortable. In terms of real hardware, those two are a ways removed from a department store :)
  8. I will most likely go for the PC350, thanks for the replies, guys.
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