H80 pump and fan problem

Hey TH!

I just bought a H80 cooler for my CPU because I intend to overclock it. Along with my H80 I bought a new Corsair TX 850 PSU and another 5850 graphics card which I all installed at the same time.

When I had it all installed, I tried to boot but my screen said CPU fan error and I checked to see that neither the pump nor the fans was working.

I tried taking the fans from the controller and put them into the MB instead and the fans worked (but at 100%, sounded like a jet trying to lift of) but the pump still didn't work.

The display for control doesn't show anything, haven't lighten up once yet, so I might think it's broken.

Anyone tried this or have heard of a solution to it?

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  1. I had the same problem plug in the molex cable (to power on the fans) and buy new fans, corsair fans were removed from boeing 757's and placed on coolers
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