5970 problems (maybe)

Hi there. I recently switched my sapphire 4870 with a new 5970. The main reason for this was I kept getting BSOD's which couldn't have been more convenient, because I wanted the new generation card anyhow. The problem is, I'm not seeing any performance gains at all when I play games. Using WoW as a benchmark, I'm seeing 60 fps with my 5970, and 40 fps under more demanding situations. Those were the same exact numbers that I was getting with my 4870. I just learned what bottlenecking means (still a newb to the pc building world) and I was wondering if anybody could tell me if that's my problem, and if at all possible, how to fix it.

Here's my PC in a nutshell:

Asus m4a79t Deluxe Mobo
AMD phenom II x4 955 BE
4GB corsair xms3 1333
ATI Radeon hd5970

Nothing is OC'd. Any help would be appreciated, thx!
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    WoW isnt really a game that will benefit from dual GPUs and its not a benchmark at all. Try running Crysis or some more intesive game. And try ocing your cpu , that should help a bit . If you still have the 4870 put it back and bench with 3dmark and then bench again with the 5970,mine is on its way, btw whats your powersupply brand and wattage? :)
  2. ahh okay, sounds good. i've actually been reading articles and articles on how to OC, but i don't think i'm ready just yet. but i'll definitely take that advice.

    the PSU i'm using is a corsair 850w.
  3. I have the same PSU so no problem there. Hers an interesting read about the HD 5970 and Cpu scaling with phenom , ATI seems to run better on weaker systems so it doesnt really need a 4Ghz processor as most people think, the phenom 955 @ 3.2Ghz is more than enought as you can conclude.
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