Why choose 1650x1050 over 1920x1080

Looking to get a new monitor for my new rig. It has a AMD 955 and a 5770 gpu. Why would i get the 1650? Cant i just buy a 1920 monitor but game in a lower resolution like 1650, or are there scaling issues?
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  1. You can get a 1920X1080 and run in 1680X1050 but monitors look there best @ there native rez
  2. In some situations low resolutions can work in your favor...if you do not sit real close to the monitor and have a 32" 720p LCD TV to use as a monitor it is a great gaming/media combo with a budget system.
  3. Non-native resolutions settings can work, but in many instances you'll get a distorted view of the desktop... do a detailed review of the spec settings for the monitors in question, make sure it'll do what you want to do correctly.
  4. For nVidia cards, the display can be set up for various scaling methods (for when using a res lower than the display's native res):
    - Use NVIDIA scaling
    - Use NVIDIA scaling with fixed aspect ratio
    - Use my displays built in scaling
    - Do not scale

    I'm not sure about ATI, but there should be a setting somewhere in the catalyst for it.

    Personally I would buy the 1920 over the 1650 - you get more screen space for everything when you're not rulling full screen games, and scaling doesn't look too bad - I played both crysis titles on my old 8600GT running at 1024x768 on dual 1920x1080 monitors (the game on only one of them) and it was fine (since I got a GTS250 my gaming has owned at full res for everything). Text isn't as crisp as running at native res, but apart from that there's not much to worry about...if you run games at 1650 on a1920 screen there won't be a huge amount of scaling anyway.
  5. on my 22 inch monitor, any resolution between 1024x768 and 1680x1050 looks terrible. really terrible. but for some reason 1024x768 isn't too bad.

    maybe that's just my monitor.
  6. You want to use youre monitors native resolution because they do not scale perfectly.

    If you don't have a very powerfull gpu then dont buy a monitor witha high resolution...
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