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My machine is normally connected to a work lan that has internet access. I also have a cellular internet device that I use occasionally. My problem is that windows will continue to use only the work lan for internet access even though there is other [better] internet access available.
I would like to set up windows so that it will use a specific adapter for internet if the adapter is available.
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  1. You should talk to your IT department. I can tell you that by doing what you want you're breaking IT terms generally set which make you available to termination.

    If its your work PC, consult your IT department.
  2. Just disable the slow connection manually.
  3. If the PC is a work computer using an outside internet device on it is a no no. Like riser said contact your IT department.
  4. Riser and Scaye are exactly right on this. If you screw around with your company's workstation, they might can you. The IT department has a huge budget, and their time is precious, so if they have to spend time by coming out to fix your workstation, they might be required by some oversight policy to report the problem.

    Now, here is the only value add I can bring to this post.... :D Don't just go talk to the IT people, make friends with them and bribe them! :lol: Bring them goodies. I happen to love nice chocolates or fantastic coffee.

    A week or so ahead of time show up with something nice for them, and tell them how much you appreciate all they do. Then when the time is right, bring up the question. Also, never try to be friends with them by just asking useless tech questions. And, if you're thinking about buying a new machine for home, you could ask one of them for his / her opinion on a desktop. "Hey John /Jane, I know you're an IT Professional and I have been thinking about a new computer..."
  5. I should have clarified the question further. It was misleading in that my 'work' network is not an intranet system. The machine in question is not a workstaton, just my personal laptop that I use for email.

    Scenario: Files to be attached are rather large, located on a network with low external bandwidth (<5K/s). I want to use my 3G connection to send external emails, and for browsing, without disconnecting from the network drives.

    To re-state:

    I want to prioritize my LAN interfaces so that I can be connected to multiple networks while controlling which one is used for internet access.


    I manually changed the Interface metric for each connection available to my computer.

    properties -> TPC/IP v4 -> advanced.

    I used this method to set the order of preference, if available as follows

    1 - "LAN 3" (3G device over USB)
    2 - "bluetooth PAN" (3G device over BT)
    3 - "LAN" wired ethernet (usually not conected)
    4 - "Wireless" a/b/g/n (with network drives)

    I only have one 3G device, but there are two ways that I can connect to it.

    So, windows will stay connected to the wireless lan and have access to network drives, and slow internet, but will use my 3G device for internet, if available.

    I hope this helps clarify the original question and possibly to help someone with a similar concern
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