Gutting an old Vaio for rebuild??

If I plan to upgrade a friends old vaio rs-410 desktop to either an i3 or X4, would the Case and PS be fine, or should I get a replacement?
If so, what size?

They only plan to do web-browsing, video chat, word-processing, etc.

Any other suggestions are welcome :)

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  1. I couldnt find a definate answer about the size of th case - but looks like a mini tower. While this will be fine for a mini atx motherboard (not sure if i5's come in mini atx yet) - the PSU will not be capable of powering a modern CPU / mobo combo
  2. The power supply will have to be replaced.

    The case should be okay. Here are the dimensions:

    7.2"(W) x 15.6"(H) x 14.9"(D)

    Complete specifications and detailed owners manual are available at the Sony web site:

    I took a quick look at the interior diagrams in the owners' manual. It's got a micro-atx motherboard with 4 expansion card slots. No problem finding a new one. Micro-atx motherboards are readily available.
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