ATI 5850 vs Crossfired 5770's.

Does a single 5850 equal or perhaps even beat dual 5770's?

I know pricewise they do, just curious. If so, I will go with the more expensive single card, so that in the future I can crossfire with another 58xx series.. for a lower cost to performance ratio in the 'end' so to speak.

Just need to know if it is at 'least' about equal.

I I found this one is on sale for $169.95.
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  1. No, may be the 5850 cannot beat dual 5770's.

    But it will be a best selling product when price it's price down to $300.
  2. A single 5770 is almost equal to a 4890 in terms of raw horse if u cross fire two 5770 theoretically it should beat a 5850.But never expect a 100% performance jump in CF config...You would hardly get a 50% extra performance from 2X5770....Besides crossfiring may lead to CPU bottleneck in games.. :non: .So it would be better if u go for a 5850 than 5770 in CF :)
  3. HD5770x2 beats or equals the performance of HD5870 in some games...
    Check this review:
  4. And in the future , you can put a second ati 5850 in crossfire :) when the price drop.....
  5. Halloooooo :bounce:

    Pick me Pick me !!!!!!

    Its the same question that I was asking myself a month ago and I went for the 5850 cause performance aint bad and I can play the games I have on 1920x1080 with everything maxed out , but its a whole lot cheaper to buy another 5850 a year from now, than spending your hard earnd $$$ on two 5770 and the next step up is replacing both of them !?

    or maybe thats what I want to think cause I just bought one for that reason!

    Cheers&Good Luck
  6. buying 5850 now and crossfiring it latr is the best option available
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