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Will a I5-750 make any noticable improvement in a HTPC over a x4 635 propus. If so, in what areas of playing media of different types. I was considering the i3 but the amd 635 seems to beat it in just about all categories, plus it is a quad core
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  1. In a home-theatre PC, i would say no, not much difference at all over the x4 635. For gaming, yes, it will make a little bit of difference, but still not too much.

    HTPC's are not as CPU-intensive as Gaming PC's, especially since the x4 635 is a decent CPU and should handle any HTPC task you throw at it...
  2. Hi. what is your budget?
  3. Also consider that if you go to an i5 750, you will need to buy a new motherboard.
  4. $500-$700. Considered getting an i3 and overclocking it but unsure of what board to use. Even doing that it just comes up to scpes with the 635. Only upside is i could drop the gpu on the intel machine.
  5. changing to the i3 is downgrading of sorts, it is a dual-core...
  6. CPU $ 99,00 Here
    MOBO $ 99,99 Here
    RAM $ 99,99 Here
    GPU $ 169,99 Here
    HDD $ 54,99 Here
    PSU $ 89,99 Here
    CASE $ 61,99 Here

    Total: $ 675,94 + MIR + SHIPPING

    It's an AMD build, but is a very good build.
  7. Would i gain anything by overclocking this rig
  8. i5 seems a little overkill for a regular htcp eh?

    Id shoot for low power and heat. Do you need 4 cores? I3 sounds right to me. Although your current setup seems fine to me, is it holding you back at all?

    Hd video playback is a lot easier to run than most think.
  9. currently have an hp dv6000 streaming to my ps3. I was assumming that building an HTPC like the one above would improve the quality of what i wass able to view and playback. Primary sources will internet and OTA
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