Please Help with UEFI Bios overclocking

I have just tried overclocking my computer in UEFI Bios EZ Mode and after the initial reset, Its gets past the Windows load screen and then randomly shuts off and restarts again. I am all up to date with all drivers and I think Im up to date within the Bios as well. Is there any reason why the EZ Mode OC'ing could be draining my PSU of efficient power. Im not new to computers, but this is one of the first computers I have bought pre-built. I am wondering if the issue is in the hardware. Here are my Specs

Cyberpower GXi 230
Core I7-2600K 3.8ghz
700 watt PSU 80+ Bronze
8gb Hyper X (bought after), 8gb Kingston 1333(came with) 16gb ttl
Powercolor Radeon HD6870 1gb
standard CPU cooler
OS loaded on OCZ Petrol 3 plugged into sata 3
1TB HDD Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM

It is more than efficient in the normal and power save modes in EZ mode but as soon as I go into the Xtreme turbo mode it wont stay going for any more than 3 minutes, but usually wont get past the windows boot screen.
Anyone who knows why this may be happening and if there is a fix for it. Please let me know and I will give you a thanks ahead of time and a thx for anyone looking into this problem for me.
Also, is there any complications with changing the registry to make the optimization of my dual drive setup. I have already gone through with changing it and it seems to run perfectly fine. Im just wondering if there will be consequences later for this. THX again
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  1. Why are you trying to OC in EZ Mode anyway? Just go to Advanced Mode to OC properly (even auto OC with AI Overclock Tuner would work, although I STRONGLY recommend that you to just do everything manually).
  2. See thats what Ive done but , I was just curious as to why something they say is soo easy shuts my comp down randomly right after start up. I have my comp oc'd and it works fine. What Im wondering is why after using the ez mode feature my comp shuts down. If I can manually overclock and nothing happens. What the problem being caused by EZ mode overclocking
  3. THAT part I can't tell you about because I've never used Auto OC (of any kind, ever, lol). I have no idea why it would be doing that, but it's nothing to worry about since you're OC'ing manually now.
  4. Yeah. thats what I found wierd, after going over all the specs that changed in the auto OC, I haven't found anything much different from what I have did manually except a slightly more overclocked RAM. I have 2x 4gb 1333mhz and 2x 1600mhz and the only thing I can think of is if the smaller frequency RAM is being overclocked too much and shuts itself down due to power or some crap like that. I would think with 700 watts of a power supply I should be fine in the power department and its good quality RAM but right now Im stumped. Its runnin very stable from what I can tell and all my games are fine I just was wondering what was going on with my machine whether I should send it back due to some fault in the hardware
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