Advice on new gaming gig and how to sell old rig.

Hey guys,
Well, I bought this rig from CyberPowerPC like 1-2 years ago(horrible choice) because at that time, the specs beat all the other websites for a prebuilt computer and now I'm having annoying problems like monitor going blank during certain gameplay, other than that it's fine, however I can't play some of my favorite games so I'm thinking of selling my current rig on ebay or something and building a new one.
Here's my current rig:
Also selling it because the PSU is crap and the BIOS overclocking doesn't work on the mobo, it would register in the bios, but won't change in the OS.
Can you guys give me an estimate of how much I could offer this for and the most someone will pay for it?

Second Part:New Rig
I just slapped together a build in a few days and would like some comments or advice on how to improve it.
Approx Purchase Date:This week.
Usage:Gaming, multitasking(game running in background while extractingand w/e while doing hw and surfing web.)
Parts not required:CD/DVD drives, keyboard, mouse, PSU(getting a from cousin), NIC, sound card.
Preferred Website: newegg/tigerdirect or any other reliable merchant
Overclocking:Yes, CrossFire:maybe
Monitor Resolution:current one runs at 1280x1024, prob will get a 24" with 1920x1080
Budget: <$800
New Rig:

Will unlock 4th core on CPU if possible, and OC it along with the GPU.
I also would like to keep the HAF922 because it's one of the few cases whose looks appeal to me and seems to have good air flow.
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  1. For an additional $30, I'd go with a Radeon HD 5770. It's basically the same as the one you have, but has DX11 so it will stay current a little longer.

    You don't need the additional fans, especially if you're not getting an aftermarket cooler. I wouldn't buy them now. Wait and see if its too hot (it won't be).

    You can probably find some better RAM for the same price. Look for CAS Latency 7 RAM.
  2. I've looked up on HD5770s before, however the cheapest i could find them was $170 and that was with a horrible cooler, it costs $180 for one with a decent cooler, I was going after a HD4870 but they're freaking expensive now. Also, I plan to take the top exhuast fan and move it to the side and stick the 2 120mm fans on top.
  3. +1 5770, what you talking about horrible cooler? I have a reference 5770(horrible cooler you're talking about) and it sits at 36C overclocked.
  4. sonic-boom said:
    +1 5770, what you talking about horrible cooler? I have a reference 5770(horrible cooler you're talking about) and it sits at 36C overclocked.

    Well for me I can't seem to find any cheap Hd5770 at "40 extra dollars more than a HD4770" with a decent cooler, the ones I could find on newegg and tigerdirect either have bad cooling, low number of reviews(which I'm not comfortable with buying), or are overpriced, or beyond my budget. The only one that I found was this but if you could give me the link to where you bought your HD5770, I would appreciate it. Thanks for the comment. I'm also kind of leaning towards Crossfire HD4770 because my current monitor doesn't tax graphics cards too much and won't benefit much from a powerhouse card. Also, it's been shown in benchmarks that Crossfire HD4770 OC will match the power of a GTX280.

    Also, do you have any comments on selling my old rig on ebay or my new rig?
  5. AMD really cooked up some magic with the 5000 series cards... and by that I mean they have some VERY good thermal characteristics. A cooler that would sound like a vacuum cleaner on a 4870/4890 would likely be running at its lowest setting on a 5000 series card. I bought a 5850 right when they came out and (like everyone else) I got one with the reference cooler on it. Am I happy with that "horrible cooler" that came on it? You betcha! Like other people... I'm not really sure why the OP is so concerned about the cooler on this card. Would you rather have an average GPU with an excellent cooler or an excellent GPU with an average cooler? Assuming the latter is a quiet option, I know where my money is going.

    I do think ATI (I still call 'em that) is being a little crappy with the pricing of the new cards, but I suppose that's just supply and demand working as intended. $259 for the 5850 seemed like a steal!
  6. Best answer
    $140: 4770

    $170: 5770

    That's 1 GB to 1 GB. 512 MB (4770) to 1 GB (5770) is only $60.
  7. Is there any comments to my updated rig?
  8. Ditch that RAM and get these G.Skill Ripjaws CL7. These sticks will be a lot faster for only a couple more dollars.

    You really, really, really don't need to get all that extra cooling stuff (PCI cooler, case fans). The HAF is already a really good case. If you insist on buying new fans, you're getting the wrong sizes. You need 1 120mm fan (rear), 2 200mm fans (front, top), and an optional 200mm (side). That said, you absolutely DO NOT NEED the fans. If you don't like the color of the case fans, you can replace the LEDs for pennies.

    This is a better CPU fan: Cooler Master Hyper 212. It's a larger fan, so it will be quieter and it's from one of the most trusted names in cooling.

    Take most of that $30 you saved on not buying fans and get an HD 5770 for $170. This is essential if you're gaming. The 5750 is good, but not quite powerful enough for good games.

    Take the rest of the money you saved on not buying fans and upgrade the HDD to a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB for $85. This is a very fast drive, and is really cheap for its size.
  9. Well I was thinking about between the HD5770 and the HD5750 and I went with the HD5750 because of the Vapor X coolers and I was also about to get the RipJaws with CL7 but went with the current one because it had better ratings. =P Also, for the case fans, I wanted to get a 200mm for the side but couldn't find any so I'm going to stick two 120mm on the top and swap the 200mm to the side and stick another 120mm on the bottom of the case to feed more air to the vid cards, as for the exhuast I'm going to stick it on the side PCI slot, well I just wanna try one out. :p As for the cpu hsf, I just went on Frosty Tech top 5 coolers and picked the cheapest one. Heh, apparently it's up there in the list, unless Frosty Tech didn't update?
    About the HDD, it looks good, I'll see if I can get it when it comes in stock.
  10. Don't make a decision entirely on the Newegg ratings. Most of those people don't know what they're doing. For example, a lot of the RAM reviews say the timings are off, but they don't know how to adjust them.

    As for the 200mm case fans, here are 3 I found just searching "200mm case fans" on Newegg:

    They're all going to be about $20 each. I still think you shouldn't order them. I'd wait to see if it's getting too hot first.

    That fan may keep it cool, but it's going to be loud. It's 50 dba at high speeds. That's about as loud as a normal conversation, which is fine if you're not going to be sleeping in the same room (or if the computer's not always going to be on).
  11. You're talking about the 92mm fan, right? The 120mm that I'm planning to get are ~30dBA while the 92mm only goes up to 40dBA if the CPU is really hot. So I've decided to go with the RipJaw, is there anything else?
  12. I was talking about the CPU fan,and going off the chart you posted. It was a 120mm fan with 51.3 dba at high.
  13. Well I didn't realize that the cooler on the website was the 120mm version, I'm buying the 92mm version on Newegg w/ 15 dollar MIR and has fans with speed control with the option to mount another 92mm fan so it shouldn't be too loud or hot.
  14. Also, you're probably going to need to do some case modding to make those fans work. Can't speak to the HAF, but my Antec 902's top 200mm fan isn't removable. It's actually mounted on the case. Make sure you do research on replacing 200mm fan mounts with 120mm (or 92mm, as that's a case fan).

    If there is a 92mm version, it will only be louder. To keep the same temperatures, the fan will have to move faster, generating more noise. To get the same temps, but quieter, you have to increase the size. I highly recommend moving up to a 120mm CPU fan. There are some 140mm ones, but not all cases can handle them, and there aren't many choices.

    To be dreadfully honest (apologies if I should like an a$$hole), but it seems to me that you really don't know what you're doing when messing with the fans. You're trying to replace already awesome case fans with ones of a different size. You've referred to the case fans as being CPU fans (there is a difference). You've mentioned the case fans speeding up when the CPU gets hotter, which they don't do automatically without additional parts/work that hasn't been mentioned. Finally, you've referred to a 92mm fan as being quieter than a 120mm. I highly recommend you get everything besides the fans, play around with the build and then decide if its all necessary. (Again, sorry if I sound like an a$$hole, but I'm being perfectly frank...)
  15. Lol, no, I like it when people say what they think, it actually gets stuff done instead of going around in circles. Well actually the top 200mm fan on the HAF922 is perfectly removable and theres already holes to mount 2 120mm fans on both the top and side of the HAF922, I'm only sticking the top 200mm on the side panel and putting 2 120mm fans on the top. I don't recall referring to the case fans as being CPU fans unless you count my second to last post in which I thought you were talking about my 120mm case fans being at 50dBA. Also, I never said that a 92mm fan was quieter than a 120mm, I know that the larger the fan, the slower it spins and thereforce produces less noise, I was saying that maybe if I stuck 2 92mm fans on the 92mm Sunbeam CPU cooler, maybe they won't have to operate at full speed and therefore quieter than the single 120mm CPU cooler which can't be mounted with an additional fan.Also, I just checked newegg again and it seems the Sunbeam Cooler went out of stock today, do you have any other suggestions for cheap yet effective coolers that are in stock? :D Oh yea, I can't thank you enough for your time helping me out. So does my rig's basic components look ok?
  16. Yeah, the basic components are good. The most common fan recommendation is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 I mentioned above.

    Apparently, while you thought I was talking about case fans, I thought you were talking about CPU that we're on the same page, it makes much more sense.
  17. Well, I'm deciding between the Sunbeam CCTF 120mm version and the Hyper212Plus. The Sunbeam CCTF runs about 5C cooler at idle than the Hyper212Plus(checked at FrostyTech), gives a free tube of thermal paste(I'm running low anyways) for an extra 8 bucks, also it can only mount one 120mm fan while the Hyper212Plus can mount up to two. I think I'm going with the Sunbeam because an extra 8 bucks for a tube of excellent thermal paste and better cooling is worth it, but I won't hesitate to buy the Hyper212Plus for future builds. I think I pretty much got my rig ready. Now all I gotta do it wait for christmas sales to kick in. Heh. Thanks to MadAdmiral and everyone else who posted, I'll update when I get my system up.
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