EVGA 9800GTX artifacting on boot and other issues

Have a PC with an EVGA 9800GTX in it; had the same hardware and drivers for at least a year. Recently artifacted and hard crashed in EVE and I've been having artifacting on the boot screens, both mobo and Windows, since. Additionally, nothing 3D will run, but that makes sense because Windows has disabled the device. I also can't check any of the GPU's information for the same reason.

General question is, is the problem pretty definitively the videocard here so I should just go ahead and get a replacement or could it also be a problem with the mobo (particularly the PCI interface), a GIGABYTE P35 DS3L rev 1? I don't have any alternative hardware to test with; my last computer was a laptop.
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  1. Sounds like it is the card. Card still under warranty?
  2. 2 years old, nearly. Only had the basic EVGA warranty. So if it is the card, I'll get a new ATI. Just want to make relatively sure before I drop $400 on a frankly unnecessary purpose (9800 STILL runs any games on the market just fine) and find it out was the mobo or PSU or something bizarre.
  3. Then you need to find a friend who can stick it in their machine to make absolutely sure.
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