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My autorun will not work. I have tried everything I know. Modified registry, used Microsoft exe autofix. Still nothing works. I need to format and reinstall my XP original disc but if I can't get the autorun to work then I can't boot from the XP disc. The DVD drive is set first in Bios (cmos). I diabled the drives years ago when I was burning a few movies but I can't remember the method that I used back then but it wasn't the standard reg...cdrom....change the 1 to 0 method.
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  1. that is incorrect. when you boot from the windows xp disc it is after the POST but before windows even loads. if windows starts to load you've gone too far and you need to fix your bios settings to allow it to boot from cd.

    dimocules said:
    if I can't get the autorun to work then I can't boot from the XP disc
  2. No I'm not incorrect. I hit delete and go into setup and then it is set up for dvd/floppy and then harddrive. But for some reason it bypasses dvd and the floppy drive and goes directly into Windows. I've rechecked and it is set this way.
  3. okay so there are a few possibilities:

    1) your CD is defective
    2) your optical drive is defective
    3) the cable between your optical drive and the motherboard is damaged.
  4. I have 2 dvd players and one cdrom. They all work perfectly. Cables are ok as well. The only thing that is wrong is something that I changed years ago in my regedit. When I was setting up for copying movies from hdd to dvd someone said you had to disable the autorun or you'd have problems with the process. I did this but now I can't remember what it was. It wasn't the basic route of changing the 1 to 0. It was different.
  5. you know auto run to automatically launch the program from a cd is completely different than booting off of a cd from the bios right? They are not related at all.
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