What does overclocking ram aaccomplish?

Hi, I have a computer with a i3-2120 with 8 gb's of Ripjaws 1600 MHz ram and I was wondering if overclocking would help anything? If it would what would it affect the most? Also if I were to overclock the ram how fast can a i3 handle for ram speed? Then finally would I have to looking into a cooler for the ram if I did overclock?
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    You wouldn't be able to OC the RAM much without upping the voltage (which would void the CPU warranty), and regardless, there's no real world benefit to RAM higher than 1600 with SB anyway. You'll only ever see the difference in benchmarks.
  2. as he said any ram with a clock speed higher than 1600 would make no real difference , only in benchmarks. its not worth even bothering with
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