All parts went on sale during the weekend. Comments please.

I was planning to build a pc for almost a month and took a lot of research and advice from my bro whom also built his own. I want to know if everything is good or some what average because i kind of mixed performance and budget. Everything went on sale last black friday and over the week end, i just need comments from experts if i should modify or add something before it's too late...

Asus p7p55d deluxe

Intel core i7 860

Corsair 850tx (any good PSUs? maybe cheaper but same or better quality?)

G.Skill ripjaws 8gb ram (4x2gb) 1600mhz

Cooler Master HAF 922

Hard Drives:
OCZ Vertex 30gb (boot drive)
Samsung F3 x2 (raid) for storage

Op. Drive:
Lite-on Blu ray

Video Card:
diamond 5870 (will buy the second one next year)

experts comments or advices are appreciated.
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  1. You already missed the deals.

    You might want to look at the DDR3 1333 RAM. It will save you a little and have no effect on performance. Also, is there a reason for 8 GB? What are you using the computer for?

    The PSU is a little over powered, especially if you're not Crossfiring. I'd step it down a little bit.
  2. I found a good deal on the Ram.. I paid $160 for 8gb.

    I want to build a computer mainly on games and video editing. And i know it sounds crazy but i want it somehow to be futureproof.
  3. And yes, i will crossfire 2 5870. i just need to buy the second one once the price goes down a little.
  4. Sorry, totally didn't see the note about buying a second one later. You might want to edit the first post to look like the example in the stickied thread "How to ask for build advice." It will put a lot of critical information in a format everyone here is used to.

    That RAM deal was excellent. I got myself a couple of sets as well. You might want to indicate the parts you already have.
  5. ok thanks a lot.
  6. I got the haf 922 for $59; processor for $229; Mobo for $189; Ram for $160; SSD for $149 with $30 rebate; opti drive for $49; GPU for $413

    Samsung F3 is currently out of stock.
    PSU is on sale now for $129 with $30 rebate.
    this are the only two that i have to get.

    Do i need to add anything else?
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