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Hi I recently upgraded my motherboard to a Biostar T series TA790GX 128M motherboard. I'm trying to run it with an AMD athlon X2 processor running at 2800 Mhz, a 2gb Patriot DDR2 ram running at 800mhz, a Radeon HD 4650 graphics card, and all this is being powered by a 450 watt power supply. I hooked everything up correctly but when I try to start the computer it will either sit there with a blank screen, or it will go through bios and bluescreen whenever I try to enter windows or boot the operating system (windows 7) from a disk. Whether it will sit there with a blank screen or do anything else happens regularly. So basically it tries to start up and fails or it doesn't do anything at all. I tried troubleshooting this with my uncle who has been building computers for over 20 years and we tried removing each piece of hardware (Graphics card, disk drive, hard drive ect) to see if there was an incompatability. We even sent the board back and got a replacement, so far I've gotten the same results. However my uncle suggested to me that it might be an incompatability with my current memory. I'm at my wits end here trying to figure this thing out and I'm hoping you guys here can give me some insight into what the problem could be, before I go buying new memory only to have that not be the problem.
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  1. are you sure your power supply can handle the load
  2. In your description (,or it will go through bios and blue screen whenever I try to enter windows)
    Did you go into the bios and configur everything properly or not? Doesn't sound like it.
    (try to enter windows or boot the operating system) not sure what your saying here.
    In the bios there is selection for which video your going to use, either the onboard or the 4650 card. If the hard drive was last running with the card, disable the onboard video/or select the pciexpress card as the default card.
    The partial boot may just be a driver issue as to which video card was last used.
    Try to boot into safe mode this will enable you to install newer drivers for the new board.
    I don't thing there is any memory combatibility issue, in any case you can reduce the memory speed in bios to 667mhz which should show as X333 or similar and this should allow you to finish neccessary drivers and then you can go back to setting correct timings/voltage/clock rates for your memory- yes you may need to set all 3 settings. good luck- I think your closer to finishing successfully than you think.
  3. WC Aftermath said:
    are you sure your power supply can handle the load

    I used the same power supply with my previous motherboard and it could handle the load just fine. I thought that could be the problem as well so I removed the graphics card to lighten to the load. Then I tried running the computer with the onboard video card only to get the same results.
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