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Hey guys,
Problems in paradise,
Ive clean install Windows 7 on my 160GB, but after I've successfully installed it on booting, I automatically get the Blue screen of death, considering I have new HDD, New PSU, new Vid Card. i keep reinstalling and keep getting blue screen on boot to Windows, but it can boot to safe mode normally.

My Sys Specs are:
LiteOn DVD +/- RW
160GB Maxtor SATA II HDD
500GB Western Digital SATA HDD
ATI Radeon HD 4750
1000W Omega PSU
AMD Phenom X4 9750
MSI Platinum K9A2

Is there any reason It is only crashing when booting?
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  1. What version of win7 are you trying to run?
  2. did you need to install any controller drivers before installing windows?

    are you talking about the classic blue screen of death?

    are you overclocking? overheating?

    do you have an old psu to see if the new one is faulty?
  3. Had that problem before in two different ways. 1: The installation of XP whent finished up to 99% but then a blue screen and reboot and back to pre-install. 2: Installation whent great but after the finishing reboot a black screen and nothing more when Windows starts reading up, bluescreen after reboot with a list of how I whant to start XP (ex. start in fale safe mood). Retailer says there was a HDD problem but was in the end both pixel-error on my graphic card and a bad RAM.

    Do you get a bluescreen text that ati2dvag.dll have stuck in a ethernal loop? Then its a Windows error. Good luck :)
  4. 1st: Windows 7 Ultimate x86
    Windows 7 has all built in drivers, but I am not overheating as Ive installed 2 case fans, and Im not over clocking, I burnt out d old PSU.
    The RAM i have is Markvision, but ill check the BIOS
    the Windows has finish installing and everything, and I can boot to safe mode easily, it's when I try to boot up normally, and Ubuntu is working normally.
  5. Alright this is what the RAM stick says:
    2GB DDR2-800MHz-CL5
    PC6400U-50550 3-8091101

    What is the Voltage?
  6. I ran memtest86 last night, o errors, Ive run all the updates so far, but I haven't installed the chipset i'll do that now.
  7. lol, i was distracted while installing Windows 7, i was studying for my Net+ exam, and when i checked the Device Manager there it was, but it's installed now, new copy, the only thing that's worrying me, is when i pulled out the RAM sticks, one of them went in bent. so i left it out, can that be the problem?
  8. yea, i know that, i don't know when i slid in the slot, correctly mind you it was tilted at an angle. I don't know how.
  9. i got it working, but the DDR port was physically best i had to resaulder it...
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