Asus p5ql pro not detecting my 260gtx be help me plz?

hi every one . got a problem help me out plz
my system is now
650W st65zf psu
CRT HP monitor
this system not giving any DISPLAY with my new PSU while before this psu sold out Coolermaster xp 600 cuz i was thinking that the system isnt giving display cuz of coolermaster isnt that powerfull to handle it,,so i got 650w sst(very powerfull for 260gtx) which i think can run it but still no display .

additional info
board not detecting the card while board worked fine with my old 2 gpus 9600gso and then 8800gt .. and they were working without a problem..
and check my card 2 with a frind pc and it worked without a problem so what cud b the problem ?

frnd pc= pentium D, asus p5kl-cm, 2gb corsair xms2 ram, cooler master extream power plus 600 watt, and lcd.
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  1. Makes sure the card is seating properly in the slot. some do not sit properly and require a the little metal bracket to be "tweaked". Hopefully you can get a decent look from the top down and make sure the exposed contacts across the top look to be in a straight line rather than an angle.
  2. i checked it even take out my mobo from casing but no luck still no display ..updated bios also but nothing happen...i got 2x1gb changed there sittings still nothing ... any other idea
  3. do you have another computer to verify that the new card functions?
  4. yes with my frind pc it was working okey and bought this card in used .. but its working on p5kpl cm and 2gb ram and coolermaster 600watts
  5. frnd pc on which this card worked = pentium D, asus p5kl-cm, 2gb corsair xms2 ram, cooler master extream power plus 600 watt, and lcd.
  6. does the fan spin up on the card and all when you power up your PC?
  7. dvi is ok board is ok with frind hd4890 OC and my card is ok with his p5kpl cm board ..../ but my board not detecting my 260gtx ... we figured it out that it should b a compatibility ISSUE .. so i give it to the shop and may change it i dont know if thay did so
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