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I am a hobby game maker, I have been developing a MMORPG. Ofcourse because it is online i have to test it, i have been using my friend to test it up until now when for some reason something is blocking my server from working over the net. I can connect to it locally from my pc but no one else can connect. I have tested the server on other pcs and i can connect to them but something is not letting people connect to my computer. Up until a few days ago i was able to test and run the server on my computer, i have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is stopping it from working but i just cannot find anything.

Im using a HSDPA+, 21MBPS wireless connection (wireless broadband, not router), with bigpond. It has always worked before.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Maybe your ISP has recently decided to block the ports you're using.
  2. I thought of this, but i have tried 30 different ports for the server none of them work :(
  3. clintwheeler2007 said:
    I thought of this, but i have tried 30 different ports for the server none of them work :(

    Have you tried ports you absolutely know are open? Can you at least try to use one of those same ports for something else, say a local webserver, rdp, etc., and verify that port will work. If it does, then it would appear to be your game that's the issue.
  4. P.S. Here's a quick and dirty webserver, see if you can forward to it on the port you need.
  5. ok tried that server, same thing i can connect on my pc. i try my laptop with a different connection. no dice.
  6. I also tried running a vent server, and once again i cant connect from another pc.
  7. Unless something else has changed recently (router, how you're configuring, or just some error), that would seem to be a block by your ISP.
  8. Just a suggestion…

    You might want to consider using LogMeIn Hamachi for development purposes. It creates a virtual network adapter over SSL. Pretty easy to use too. It will avoid any possibility of blocking by your ISP since the connection is initiated OUTBOUND. And that means you don't even need to deal w/ opening/forwarding ports at all (which is more secure anyway). And it will let you more easily control who does and doesn't have access. Of course, your beta testers will need to use Hamachi too.

    Hamachi might not be a bad idea for another reason; your own users might want to use it to support the game if they run into similar problems! IOW, make that part of your testing. ;)
  9. Its definantly not my isp, its something on my pc. I have tried 3 different connections on this pc and i still cant host anything, and just to make sure i tried my normal internet on my laptop and i can host no problem. something on my main pc is stopping me from hosting :'(. Ill give this LogMeIn thing a go, and post later
  10. LogMeIn also didnt work, alltho it is a good idea i am considering using it now :)

    I think im just gonna try re-install windows, im running low on patience for this non-sense
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