well every driver i downloaded alwyas had something wrong with it but anything over 9.6 it blue screens on xp i dont no why and i dont care why i paid 600 bucks for my video card when they first came out ati 4870x2 and this really sucks man i mean to me that's alot of money and for things not to work like drivers really sucks some drivers will over heat and some just dont work at all 9.11 i cant even install it at all cos when i install it half way of the install windows xp pro blue screens so the drivers im useing is 9.6 which is OLD i need to update ATI what is going on? why let out drivers that dont even work i mean comon man we paid for these video cards we should get something that atleast works sorry for my spelling its off but i think you guys should work better on the ati video card drivers abit better or test them out first do something cos i got new games i cant even see what my video card can do plz help if its something im doing wrong email me let me know god bless and thanks :) my email is kingxpin@gmail.com
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  1. Get the latest driver. 9.11.

    I have the 9.10 and i have never faced any problems. The ATI driver problems were put to rest after the release of Catalyst 9.x!
  2. wow, im amazed i was able to read thru that.

    just make sure you're getting the right driver. open CCC, hit 'update drivers' and follow the instuctions. select your model and it will download.
  3. I used a 4870x2 in windows XP, and never had any driver problems. It blew itself up a couple times, but never a driver issue. Perhaps you should consider re-installing your OS from scratch, make sure everything updates properly, if you haven't done so in a long time. Driver problems, in my experience, are from user error or neglect.

    Since you left your email at the end of the rant, it might be fair to assume that you won't read these responses, but hey, I hope it felt good to let off some steam.
  4. sorry about my spelling but you dont need to be an ass about it either and i installed 9.10 it works but when i start up windows xp and right before it get's to the login part it takes so long my monitor goes to sleep right when it does go to sleep it comes back on and i see the login part but takes forever dose this happen to anyone else and is it something bad? or its just have 9.10 works? i have no idea if its going to kill the video card or if its already going bad plz if anyone out there knows anything tell me and thanks to everyone replays
  5. firstly, if it were your spelling then we would have no issue. the problem i have is your complete lack of grammar. you have made no effort, adn that makes it difficult to help.
    i dont mean to be an ass, but you have to remember that if you expect people to help you, you can at least attempt to tell us your issue in readable terms.

    that said, the issue is a bit odd. it certianly seems like a wonky driver. i know a few people online have been having trouble with the 9.11 driver. perhaps just stick to a pre 9.6 driver that you KNOW works.
    i know it isnt much help, but id suggest mailling ATI about the issue. if your hardware is having trouble with it, they may (should) be able to help.
    hopefully they can fiugure out the problem (that may be effecting a number of people) and fix it for a later update. ]
    but if the drivers are acting up like that, id assume its a hardware issue that only ATI would be able to identify.
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