I have no idea what sound card I have but here's the story:
I used to have soundmax but my mic didn't work so i decided to reinstall it, as i tried to install it again my motherboard CD said something is corrupt... so now i'm stuck with no sound no Audio manager but here's the funny thing when i go into my sound props let's say for example the volume mixer, i would play a sound and it shows that the bar is moving like the is sound but i can't hear anything from my headphones. the bar is Digital Audio S/PDIF.

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  1. If your motherboard cd had the audio drivers then you likely have onboard sound (no sound card).

    If this is the case and your cd isn't working, simply go to your mobo's manufacturer's website, find the downloads/drivers area, search for your mobo's model and you can download your audio drivers from there. :)
  2. mobo?
  3. Glebuska said:

    mobo - motherboard

    ok do you plug your headphones in at the front

    try them in the speaker sockets at the back

    if they work then the front audio connector is not plugged in to the motherboard ( mobo :) )
  4. only the back works, and it worked perfectly untill i unistalled soundmax. I went to asustek's website and there is no downloads for windows 7 audio drivers
  5. search on google for soundmax windows 7 drivers
  6. soundmax leaves the drivers up to the mobo makers so just go to who ever made the board's website or what ever pc maker u used and download there drivers if there arnt any for windows 7 try using compatablity mode
  7. what's compatibility mode? sorry for being clueless
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  11. Glad to be of service. :)
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