New PC/Old Hard drive.

You probably read questions like this everyday, not exactly like this i think.

Scenario: I'm buying a new computer in the next few weeks and plan on keeping my old hard drive.
I've read how simply putting the new hard drive in and booting is risky. The hard drive itself is a 250gig and is partitioned into 100gig/150gig one is used for the OS (C:) and programs which are easily attainable etc, the other (D:I beleive it is?) is used for files and other important documents. You can probably guess what I'm getting at but I'll ask anyway.

In short; could i retain my files without the need for slaving etc, by simply putting them on the D: drive and reformatting C:? Keeping in mind it will be used for a TOTALLY new system including changing from AMD to Intel.

Thanks in advance.

- Kurt
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  1. You can do that. And 99/100 times it will work fine.

    But if you don't back-up your files to someplace else, you will be that 1/100 that things go wrong.
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