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how to update my bios on dfi dk x58-T3eH6 with usb stick on windows 7 32 bit?
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  1. Every manufacturer has a different flash program. You start by disabling any boot block settings in the motherboard bios, and all firewalls on your system. Then download the flash program to your hardrive and unzip the file if required. You also need to download the latest bios file to the same location. I use the documents file, and leave the window open in small size while flashing to access the bios file. When flashing, the program may ask you for the bios file. I just double click on the file to open it to the flash program. Then proceed with the flashing. If it stops before finishing, chances are you haven't turned off all the firewalls or virus protections files on your system. If it runs properly, it starts by erasing your old bios file, or giving you the option of saving it to your flash drive. Then it proceeds to load the new file and check it. When done, it will give you the message to reboot the system or do it automatically. If the board won't post, you may have to reset the bios for it to work using the cmos jumper on the board. Then enter the bios using the "f" key on the post screen, set the boot order (example- cd-dvd, hardrive) and save and exit using f10.
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