im in huge probleme

my pc was working awesome.....i bout a gtx 260....from ebay..:(...turned out had artifacts,now i plugged inthe gpu and i saw has arifacts i stopped the pc but in mean time win installed the drivers for the gtx....i took out the gtx i pc crashed,blue screen....dumping phischical mem.
pc cant access my ssd wont even recongnise it....what i should do?
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  1. It seems unlikely a video card would cause the ssd to drop out. Put your old video card back in. Boot into "safe mode with networking" and download/run ccleaner to get rid of the video card drivers. Reinstall your old video card drivers, then boot normally.
  2. the probleme i had the windows on the ssd...and i had no videocard before...i was running on board , so i installed win. on a regular hdd now and i tryed to plug in the ssd but wont show up nowhere...
  3. It doesn't show up in the bios either? If it doesn't show up there, I'm not sure what steps to take next. It makes no sense to me that a video card would do this unless it somehow over volted the PCI-E bus, in turn frying the SSD.
  4. i have no idea....the mobo its stock ...i didnt do nothing on it....yea it wont show up in bios eather ....i think its done...
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