EVGA 9800GX2 Running too hot !!

I've had this video card for a while but it was only recently I noticed how hot this video card actually runs.

I downloaded the EVGA Precision to monitor the temperature for my everyday use.

Here are some breakdown of how hot this card runs:

Fresh window start-up with nothing running in the background: 70-75 degrees
Watching a movie: 80-85 degrees
Playing WoW: 80-90 degrees (Max Fan Speed)
Playing CoD: Modern Warfare 2: 100+ degrees then shuts off (Max Fan Speed)

I have CoolerMaster HAF as a case with front and side fans as intake and back and top fans as exhaust. I tried switching the side fan as an exhaust since the hot air is blowing out side way from the GPU but it did not make much difference. Now I read on other reviews that this card does run hot normally but not to this extent. All my wires in my case are on the other side panel so there is no wire cluttering and my CPU is cooled by Thermaltake Liquid Cooling system. The only heat generated from this rig is from my Video Card atm.

One more thing I might add is that I also use EVGA 780i SLI mobo and it has a mini fan and a heatsink attached to the board which sits right above the first PCI-E slot which is where my video card is. The air is blowing directly towards the video card with very little room. Is it okay for me to use the secondary or even the third PCI-E slot so that there is a bit of room between the mobo heatsink and the card or do I have to use the primary PCI-E slot for the main display? I used to SLI 9800GX2 until the second card started causing errors after the driver update (it won't load up windows at all with the second card) and seems like the only way to do SLI is to use the first and the 3rd PCI-E slots.

Any response would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Have you opened the case and checked for dust and dirt in and around the card?
  2. The 1st and 3rd slots are used for 2 way SLI, try running with your case open and see if that helps, also make sure that your GPU fans are both running at 100% under load. If opening your case helps or doesn't you may have to go with water cooling your cards because these cards just run hot.
  3. I've been running the computer with the side panel open for the past 2 days. The idle temperature is even higher than having the side fan on. The case and all the other components were cleaned not long ago. I guess there just isn't much choice left for me..
  4. This may not be the best solution but..
    You could try to put one of these under your video card if there is enough room.
    I put one under my 8800GTX in the second slot below the card and the temps came down 15c by getting the hot air that was trapped under the card to go out.
  5. the thing with nvidia cards is that they overheat............my gtx 275 runs really hot when i play modern warfare 2. so anyway try either remounting the cooler heatsink on your card and also put on some arctic 5 thermal paste. if that doesn't work try getting another cooler for it
  6. Do a fan mod on the NB since I had to do this just to keep the temps down on my 55nm 9800gt let alone my 8800gtx so I would do the same. Clean out any and all dust.
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