Crysis vs 4770 or 5750 at resolutions below 1600

:hello: hi everyone...i guess im the only one so skeptic about these two cards , actually its just 3 weeks more n il have one of these two,probably 5750. but still confused plz help me out.
cz all the reviews i'hv read test crysis/warhead starting from resolutions at 1600, :pfff:

my pc's monitor is having an aspect ratio of 4:3 n supports these resolutions
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
there's one more between 800 & 1024.
so all i want to know is how these two babies from ATI/AMD perform with crysis/warhead at these resolutions.
n can the settings be medium,high or very high.....

plz help. :o
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  1. Go for 5750. It is better than 4770
    With 5750 You can play at high settings with all those resolutions
  2. mfarrukh said:
    Go for 5750. It is better than 4770
    With 5750 You can play at high settings with all those resolutions

    thanks :bounce: :D
  3. Quote:
    The 5750 is better, however its still a midrange card. If your budget allows shoot for a 5770 or 4890, they are more high-midrange cards, but the 5750 should be more than suffice.

    What is your full system spec, you said that you have AMD but which AMD processor, how much ram etc?

    hiii...following r my system specs. :hello:

    AMD Athlon Dual Core 4000+ 2.1GHz
    Gigabyte Motherboard- with onboard nvidia6100/nforce400
    RAM 2GB @667MHz (two 1GB sticks)
    HDD Seagate 160GB
    400w PSU
    15" CRT monitor, Samsung 52v
    microsoft basic keyboard.
    mouse of some other co. yeah speakers r there too.
    hmm..anything left.. :heink:
    :D i can play FarCry at very high settings.
  4. your cpu is BIG bottleneck. Either overclock either upgrade
  5. :cry: i really meant Farcry the one with trigens in it. n now im pretty sure out one thing that TRUTH IS REALLY BITTER. n yeah thats for me. i agree that the CPU is old.
    with all due respect i thank u all.n :cry: the budget is really tight. so going for a card.

    i think spending on prcsr is good but a powerful prcsr with nvidia6100 wud also nt perform much.n yeah il be upgrading the RAM to 4GB 800MHz DDRII. (two 2GB sticks). but i guess GPU first. what do u say all?
  6. OC your CPU first. Then get the GPU(5750).
  7. The biggest upgrade wow factor wise you get out of that system is GPU regardless what has been said here. HD4770 HD4830/50 HD5750 are all good choices with a 2+ gigahertz dual core and a huge upgrade from the onboard. Paying a premium for the HD5750 at the moment is only worth it if you are running Vista or 7, no point with XP. Buy the one that you get the cheapest you will not regret it.
    Then you can play with overclocking or simply buy a faster AM2 CPU on ebay for little money
  8. The HD5750 is better however I don't recommend it for 2 reasons. First of the HD5770 is $20 more and well worth it. Secondly the HD4770 will kick ass at the resolutions your monitor can handle as they are very low. Even an HD4670 would be quite good for those resolutions and may be the best option for you.
    What it boils down to is get the HD5770 if you plan on upgrading both your system and your monitor in the not too distant future.
    If you know you aren't going to upgrade your machine for a good long while then the HD4770 makes sense at it will be fantastic for your resolution.
    If you want to upgrade your system/monitor but are unsure how long it's going to take then save a good amount of money now with an HD4670. It will give you good performance with your current set-up and allow you to put the savings towards a new system.
  9. Oh yeah, like other people have said OCing that CPU if at all possible is a good idea no matter what card you end up with.
  10. :pt1cable:
    hey people thanks for all the valuable opinions u have given me. yeah i know the condition is very bad.
    im a fresher in the software dev field.n will be getting my 2nd sal at dec end. maybe 2010 be a bright year for me for further pc upgrade but not this IT people as freshers get a low start.
    ok,really GPU is on top of the list for me right now.aftr that RAM.then will go for CPU/Monitor/Motherboard.

    one more thing i wud like to know if 4770 or 5750 or 5770 (actually 5770 is a bit more costly.but il try to go for it), if from any of these i can watch TV on PC or vice versa.
    means pc output on TV thru any of these cards.

    i know they support DVI,HDMI for 5XXX series. but dont know nothing about what im expecting, will it be possible.
    also they are known as HTPC cards??? :heink: Home theater pc i guesss...

    i'hv been following crysis since mid or end 2005 when its first images started appearing on net. :D
    woud really be dream come true for me when il play it. ihv it.... :D hmm sry got a lil emo there... :whistle:
    ok my friend's PC prcsr is 5200 n onboard is 7100/7300 dont really i stay away frm home i'l be using card initially with this one.
    waiting for all of ur replies :hello:
  11. thanks to jyjjy,rolli59,BDDazza, Shadow703793 ,PsychoSaysDie & rawsteel :D
  12. hmmm.... thanks a lot. :-)
    il stick to lower resolutions.:D
  13. that resolution is not supported by my monitor, guess what il hv to change the monitor too in 2010. :( n hey nobody talked about gta 4,hws it on these cards,any wild guesses or ideas
  14. ok....thanks all.:).... i hv decided to buy 5750. for a price of INR 8771.00
    that equals 187.77 US dollars. :(
    if i had been in US i wud hv got a much better card for that price.
  15. 1 USD = 46.71 INR
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