HARD DRIVES PRICES!?!?( spinpoint f3 = $140!)

So I've been watching the price of the samsung spinpoint f3 1tb or the past few months and originally it was siting at around $60 then the past month went to $80 and now today its at $140. All newegg pricing.

Anyone know anything about this? Are hard drive prices going up? Is it just samsung? or just this hard drive?

Just worried if I should be buying a hard drive now before they all go up, because at this point I might as well just have SSD's. The price of this hard drive in particular which I thought was a budget hard drive has more than doubled in about 3 months.
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  1. So dumb question I suppose, but I looked at the rest of the prices on newegg and all hard drives have doubled. Why is this? This is insane
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    Flooding in Thailand and supply and demand scares have caused the prices to skyrocket and continue to go up.
  3. wow, any hope of prices coming back down? maybe by the beginning of next year? I really want to shoot myself now for not buying a had drive.
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  5. I've heard that the prices aren't expected to settle down until near the end of next year sadly. Though that could just be speculation and I am not sure how true that estimate is because it was read third hand by someone else's posting. I didn't see the actual article saying it.
  6. Damn this just blows my mind
  7. If a hard drive dies in the next year Im gonna throw my keyboard across the room
  8. At least the keyboard will be cheaper to replace heh
  9. alltheicons said:
    At least the keyboard will be cheaper to replace heh

    hahahaah so true.
  10. Current estimates seem to be 3-6 months before the factories in Thailand to re-filled the supply channels.
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