All games crash at a certain point !

Recently I've seen that while playing games after a certain amount of play all game crash if not after 1 hour ,happens after 2 hours .Its just that its not constant ,and I never complained on this finding excuses like "Ok Im on this game for 2 hours and now I think its time to do something else" but crashes are present and can't ignore them any longer ,so what do you think its causing it ?
q6600 @ 3.2 ghz
abit ip-35pro
Ati 5870 1gb
2gb kingston 800mhz
Generic power supply 500 watt

could it be from overclocked cpu ? How to monitor cpu temp during games ? :)
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  1. Possibly your psu isn't up to it. Of course it could also be the overclock on the cpu, why not remove the oc and see if the crashing persists?
  2. I'd say you have a 90% chance of that PSU being the issue. The minimum specs are a 500W PSU with 40A on the 12V rails. I am willing to bet it doesn't meat the 40A minimum. Your poor PSU is probably just SCREAMING that first hour.
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