Is this overclock stable? (Radeon 6950)

Okie! :P

(OC test was stable for 30 mins in furmark and ran 3dmark 11 on extreme perfectly with no artifacts.)
Stock clocks and voltage
Memory- 1250
VDDC- 1.100
Max temp 74C in furmark (stays around 72C for the most part)
OC clocks and voltage
Core- 900
Memory 1300
VDDC- 1.180
Max temp 77C in furmark (stays around 74C-75C for the most part.)

Performance Results (3dmark 11 scores are performance preset)

3dmark- no OC (P)5300
3dmark- OC (P)5800 =D (nearly as good as a stock 6970 which scores around (P)5900 ^^ Sadly I cant unlock my card. :(

So am I stable for the most part based on these tests? :P only thing left to do is game for a long time. ^_^

Also- how long should I expect the card to last when overclocked at these temps? :P Thanks =D

PS-I made a previous thread on this but discovered that my vram frequency was a bit too high for comfort so it buried itself. I played crysis 2 for awhile and got the usual software artifacting the game displays on even stock on my card. (c2 is patched and drivers are updated for my graphics card.)

am I a-ok? ^_^

EDIT: Just ran unigine heaven max settings 1280x1024 MSAA 4x with no artifacts for about half hour. :D
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  1. Sorry for double post, but it's been a few days with no response, please help. :C Sorry if I should have revived my previous topic. I don't want to clutter up the forum but I find it necessary to bring this to the top. xD c: :p
  2. For consistent use, yes.. Maybe still monitor your temps on a dual screen with an application such as HWMonitor and yes the temps are safe, GPUs are safe with heat up to 90c, unlike the CPU. Although I wouldn't feel comfortable running them into 75-80c, it's a little counter-intuitive but perfectly fine.
  3. Any idea on how long it should last with consistent use? :P
  4. You can let us know when your card fails. It should last years though with those average-high temps. Do you have access to the GPU fan? make sure that baby is humming. That'll drop the temps a little.
  5. Well I just made some custom fan speeds, played crysis 2 on dx11 for an hour and the temps surprisingly never went above 68 when overclocked.

    Seems odd but my sapphire card does have this massive dual fan heatsink with heatpipes so. =D
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