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hi guys,

I'm in the process of assembling parts for my new gtx680 sli build and decided to make an entry into water cooling.

From what I've read, most pre-assembled water cooled cases dont have pumps or rad's big enough to cool a 3770k and 2 680's so it looks like I'd have to assemble the parts myself...

as this is my first build and since there is some pretty expensive kit involved I dont want to have to make any mods to the case....

Could you guys suggest the ideal (in terms of value for money) components i'd need for the cooling system... I'm not too concerned with it being silent but I can be pursuaded to pay a premium to make it look purdy! :)

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  1. I'm planning on running the same loop, 2 hydro copper 680s and the 3770K. After a few posts on here I've come up with the following loop:

    Res/pump1--360rad--cpu--res/pump2--240rad--gpu1--gpu2-->back to res1

    Just incase it helps in anyway, Here is the link to the original discussion:

    Hope that helps abit!
  2. thats great.. thanks...

    out of curiosity would 2 240 rads suffice? or do you think that the 2 gpu's definetely warrants a bigger rad after?
  3. Quote:
    Res/pump1--360rad--cpu--res/pump2--240rad--gpu1--gpu2-->back to res1

    Loop order does not matter. And why more than 1 res?

    out of curiosity would 2 240 rads suffice?

    That's about as minimal as I would go. You're talking almost 400 watts of heat from the 680's alone and another ~95-100 watts from the CPU (all at stock TDP). By comparison, most decent 360 rads will dissipate around 525-575 watts with 1800 rpm fans for a 10C delta-T.

    It all depends on what delta-T you are wishing to achieve.

    As for price- since you are getting Hydrocopper cards (premium price) you don't have to pay for the GPU blocks. However, you're still looking at somewhere in the range of $200-$250 for the CPU block, pump, radiators, tubing, fittings and reservoir.
  4. Sorry I should have explained that better... The reason for 2 res is that I'll be using XSPC dual bay res for 2 laing DDC pumps. so res/pump are untegrated to save space. and I am using 2 pumps as 12+ fittings is alot of resistance, plus I'm putting most of my money into this build, so If one pump breaks it's not the end of the world!
    The loop order is partly to do with the arrangement of rads/heat flow in the case etc.

    I was in this guys position a few weeks ago having only built a CPU only loop. Just giving him Ideas on what to think about.
  5. I have got one of these:

    and instead of having two separate loops, putting the end of one to the beginning of the other and creating one long loop in the order above.
  6. So, are you changing your pumps to DDC's and not D5's?
  7. No... I have always had DDCs, sorry if I said different at all :-s

    Sorry to yaswan, I feel like I've hijacked you're post abit! Massive apologies. Though for your loop I think a good way of going is a water cooling kit like the EK kits for example:

    You can always buy the extra parts needed to expand the loop to exactly what you need. They are great value for money and come with all the basics you need.

    I'd recommend doing alot of research on the case, a few cases offer the chance of getting a 360 rad and a 240 rad, depending on how many drive bays/optical bays you need.

    Hope this helps! apologies again!
  8. My fault, you did say DDC's...not sure where I got that from. Sorry for the confusion.

    Yeah, looks like there was some confusion and a fault on both accounts for not recognizing each as such. Maybe I got too much sun today...
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