Asus m4n98td evo 3 and gpu

I have an Asus M4498TD EVO 3 and I am currently running x2 gts250's SLI and I am curious if anyone can tell me if I am able to run ATI crossfire with this MOBO or not?
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  1. Hi.

    No, u can't since ur mobo has a nVidia chipset and only support SLI. For Crossfire u need a mobo with ATI chipset or Intel chipset.
  2. what do you guys think is the best nvidia cards I can buy? I dont want to spend more than 700 for two or 700 for one really good one, im not sure if it is better to run two or one!?!
  3. What CPU do u have?

    The SLI depends of the CPU that u have, and for a SLI with two GTX470 Fermi the price is around $700.
  4. I am running the asus mobo mentioned above, an amd 965 be OC'd at 4.1 ghz x 4, 4 gb of gskillz ddr3 1600 OC'd
  5. A GTX480 is enough for the CPU since with a SLI could have bottlenecks.
  6. ok thank you very much...I built this pc and my benchmark scores on 3dmark vantage are 37k for cpu and 11k for gpu so I know my computer is not as leveled out as I would like, so I will pick up a gtx480 and see wut happens
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