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Hey, I am currently running prime95 (blend) and I am going to run it for about 12-18 hours. Well my question is since blend also tests the RAM to some extent do you think it is necessary for me to also run memtest86 (if I got no error from prime95)? If memtest86 is recommended how long should I run that for?

specs if anyone is curious
i5 750
gigabyte p55a-ud4p
4gb (2x2gb) G.Skill ripjaws (1600mhz but running at 1333 at 9-9-9)
corsair tx750
radeon hd 5850
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    Blend test of Prime95 focus on the the RAM, but it is much worse than than the memtest86+ which is the best RAM test AFAIK.

    Instead, I recommend you stress test your RAM and system with Memtest86+ and Large FFT test of prime95 respectively.
  2. For details, read section 4) Torture test from the following link.
  3. ahh thanks for the link. Appreciate it.
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