Wondering about cheap fan controllers

Hey guys, just wanted to know what you guys think about cheapo fan controllers. I have a few bucks on a gift card from like last year I forgot about. I was thinking about getting one of these because of the price: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006GYD0EC

Have you guys had any problems with cheap controllers?
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  1. Gonna be ordering it in like 4 ish hours, but I mean for 6 bucks what can go wrong right? at worst it just wont work :/
  2. I wondered myself, mostly about those cheap touch screen ones. let us know what ya think.
  3. NZXT Sentry 2 ($ 24-ish) is the one I'd buy in the inexpensive category. I'd be afraid to put something that cost $6 into my system.
  4. have to agree with jacknaylorpe

    i wouldnt even use a $6 fan in my pc never mind a $6 fan controller

    the one i use is very similar to what jacknaylorpe said

  5. I agree, a 6 dollar fan controller isn't the best option. What can happen though?

    Would it kill the fans if something did happen to the controller?

    The fans i'm gonna put into it are 3x yate loons + the 2 fans that came stock with my haf 912. So its not like i'm trying to tame a few deltas.

    I'm not trying to convince myself it will be safe but I just want to know what risks are involved. If its just ending up with a dead controller, I can live with that.
  6. no way to say for sure what it could do if it went haywire

    might kill the fans--might just kill the fan controller--might kill your whole pc--might burn your house down

    theres no definite answer i am afraid
  7. Hmmm yeah. I dunno, I "think" I have a spare PSU and a spare 80mm fan around here somewhere. I'll hook it up to that and test it before practically applying it to my own build for a few days.

    In other news, I found a neat bit of DIY fan controller'ness http://www.overclockers.com/pwm-fan-controller
  8. Ok, update time. Got the fan controller a bit less than a week ago, fans day later.

    The fans are great, they spin and do all the normal fan stuff. The fan controller ish ehhh not without its quirks, The knobs do get a bit hot and for some reason it only really controls the fans rpms from max rpm @ 100% knob turned to I think its lowest RPMS at 95% knob turned. From my testing there is no temperature difference though :/

    The loudest thing in my case is my Evos fan (which I manually turn down to 700RPMs and its nearly silent)

    load temps went down nearly 8c for gpu, cpu stayed more or less the same. although now I can turn it down to 700rpms without it spiking to 50c (stays at about 37c)

    So... as for these hugely bright LEDs on the fan controller.... I haven't opened it up or anything out of sheer lazyness but uh IF I wanted to replace them what would be the easiest way to determine the voltage and IF they are soldered on to the board how do I know what lead is negative/positive. I have volt meters handy would that work?

    (excuse my noobishness I really should know this by now)

    Edit: If there is anything else you guys want to know just ask and I'll gladly help out in any way (except I doubt I'll take that damn fan controller out again, fiddling with 5.2 to 3.5 adapters is a pain, specially when you don't have the proper screws :( )
  9. Control them VIA mobo pwm? :o
  10. Sadly only 1 spot on the mobo and its PWM is semi defective :/ every fan I hook up to it reads between 1k and 168k sporadically with every software I know of lol. even in the bios it shows that :D

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