OVERCLOCKING Z68A-D3H-B3 with i5 2500k

I am having sever problems with overclocking this motherboard if anyone has a guide they have or used that would be great. I have been doing research all night to try and find a guide all I see is people who said they have got it to 4.5 ghz that would be fine with me. I dont want to go higher so I am just looking for a guide or some assistance that would be great!
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  1. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I changed the multiplier from 33 to 41 because the bios won't let me go higher even though its a 2500k. It worked the first time then I messed with the base the 100x41 and changed it to 110x41 maybe or more but after that I faced a series of crashes and I put it back to default and since then the overclocking on windows shows 3.31 ghz even though the multipliers are at 41. A fresh guide would be nice I disabled a lot of things.
  2. alright sick.
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  4. I have the Z68MA-D2H-B3, it's almost the same unlike the PCI slots. Mine don't have.
    You cannot raise the base clock with this mobo, just put multi to 43 to begin. I will be fine and ajust the dynamic voltge to +0.05v. Disable auto change multi.
    You'll OK with this i think.
    Mine is 44x multi and else at stock. Anything higher craches :fou:

    Hope it help you

    sorry for my english :whistle:
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