AMD Overdriving causing bluescreen pre-OC

Relevant parts would be i5-2500K (nzxt havik 120 cooler), Gigabyte 7870, Gigabyte z68a-d3h-b3.

I overclocked my cpu to 4.1 GHz (from 3.3, with stock voltage) and stressed tested with Prime95 and appeared to be stable.
Also I overclocked my gpu core clock speed to 1250 MHz (from 1100) and memory clock to 1400 (from 1200, i think) and stressed tested with furmark, but got some drivers errors so i dialed back to 1200 and 1300 respectively.

After a reboot (unrelated matter) I launched my overclocking software (msi afterburner, gpu-z, cpu-z, furmark, etc) and before I could do anything I got a blue screen. When the computer restarts, after the black windows splash screen I get an automatic bluescreen.

I tried uninstalling afterburner in safe mode, but that didnt do anything.
Anyone got any suggestions?


So I found a fix, by reinstalling msi afterburner. Only thing is that I couldnt do it from safemode, I had to boot from the integrated graphics then reinstall afterburner, then boot from pci afterwards.


As it turns out it wasn't afterburner causing the bluescreen, it was AMD overdrive. As soon as I reinstalled overdrive (uninstalled along with afterburner) the system immediately bluescreen'd. My issue is that using afterburner, the core voltage is grayed out and i cant increase the voltages.
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  1. Install your gpu again........
    Than your clock will reset automaticly :)
    Or reset a BIOS........
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