Two questions...Intel E8500...

Ok one

I have the nvidia 9500 Gt graphics card. It says it uses DDR2 memory (i didnt even know graphics cards used memory..)

Anyways, I will be upgrading to a new motherboard, processor, and the mobo is for DDR3. Does this mean I cant use my graphics card anymore?

Also, I am a big flight simmer. I play some FSX, but a lot of the older stuff that has been modded by community. For example, there is a sim called falcon 4.0. The community created an excellent mod called free falcon (version 5.3 currently.) which features improved graphics.

Im thinking I should get the e8500 since most of the older games only support dual core and not quad core it seems like and this seems to have a really high clock speed for the price.

I was gonna get the phenom 955 a while back but heard bad stuff about it and that intel is better for what I want.

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  1. FSX is pretty CPU intensive, id recommend going with a phenom 955 tbh lol
    As for video card memory, it is completly different from system memory, they work together fine.
  2. E8500 = dual core that uses the 775 socket. The vast majority of 775 sockets use DDR2 RAM, not DDR3.

    If you want DDR3 RAM, get an i5, i7, or PhenomII motherboard and a compatible cpu.

    As for dual vs quad core, there's absolutely no reason to get an E8500 unless you already have it since it's overpriced. For the price of an E8500 ($180ish) you can easily get a good quad core that will demolish it. As for dual cores, Intel's new i3 duals are out and they are better than the E8x00 series. The E8x00's 775 socket is also outdated and near the end of its life.

    As for Intel vs AMD, it depends on your price range. AMD is good for anything under $200 with cheaper AthlonIIx4 and PhenomIIx4 quads. Intel dominates in the high price market of $200 or above with its i5 quads and i7 quads.

    As for video memory, I suggest you get a better graphics card so you can play more graphically intensive games.
  3. i3 BEWARE it died when defragging HDD and playing Dirt 2, while even an athlon X2 215 never broke a sweat!
  4. Quote:
    Shut it noob. The I3's have gone to 7Ghz already. You probably f'ed something up during the install for it to die on you.

    While I think you are right in the assumption that the 'noob' above installed/overclocked it wrong I think it is Intels fault for posting BULLSH** vcore limits for the 32nm chips. Logically the vcores have been going down and down and all of a sudden at 32nm the vcore limit is higher than the 45nm and all these chips have been dieing because of overclocking. Stupidity... Intel is literally killing the overclocking community. 1.30 is ABSOLUTE vcore limit for 32nm from what my cousin who works at Intel says.

    EDIT: Back to thread,

    For flight simulator games I would recommend a decent graphics card such as the 4850 and a quad core is a MUST. Although you can run it fairly smoothly on a heavily overclocked E8500 ( I know, I have done it), it is one of those rare gems that honestly runs better on a quad core. If you can afford it I would get a whole new rig that such as the i7 920 and overclock it to 4 gigs. If that is the question an AMD p2 955 is the best alternative. Like I said though, quad core is almost a MUST for FSX.
  5. Quote:

    Never had an issue with my I3 at 1.475v. Booted 5Ghz and never had any issues. I ran 1.4v @ 4.8Ghz daily for weeks with no issues. Maybe just some overzealous overclockers?

    BTW - An X2 215? Isn't that what they put in store bought computers? I swear i saw that processor in a computer for sale at walmart.

    I had my E8500 @ 1.5 vcore when I was trying to hit 5 gigs on air. I managed to hit 4.6 for 2 months straight and my processor didn't die. Having said that I consider myself having a fantastic chip, extremely lucky, or having a slightly damaged wolfdale now. Either way I do not recommend that kind of vcore for any chip except 65nm. Plus you and I know a thing about overclocking I assume :love:
  6. Psycho, hows your stacker 830? It not sold anywhere I check anymore :( Anyways, why would you buy dying technology? Even a lga 1156 would have more support in the future than lga 775. Am3 I believe will kicked off as soon as amd starts using more than dual channel so amd is pretty good road and 1366 is the pricy road, 6 core for 700+
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