GD-70 790FX Motherboard Crossfire Question

If I insert a video card in the first PCIe x16 slot and want to crossfire another card in the third PCIe x16 slot and run dual @ 16X + 16X could I do it?

Here's the motherboard...
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  1. I would think so... it supports 8x times 4

    Don't know it the manual would have the specs
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    16x + 16x means that in Dual Crossfire both GPUs will run @ x16, so, yeah u can do it.

    And take a look of the manual of the mobo in the page 37.

    "...If you intend to install TWO graphics cards for CrossFireX mode, make
    sure that:
    a. these graphics cards are of the same brand and specifications;
    b. these graphics cards are installed on PCIE_E1 (1st slot) & PCI_E4 slots(3rd slot).....
  3. YES! Victory is mine! Thank You!
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  5. Any time, that's why we are here. If u need more help come back to the forum. Enjoy ur rig and Crossfire.
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