6600GT AGP Upgrade to HD 4650 or 3850. Is it worth it?

Hi all:

I have an older rig that I gave to my son so he can play games. It's an XP 3200+ (not really OC'd I think) w/ a Geforce 6600gt. We went to install Borderlands & Op Flashpoint 2 but they won't run (I am assuming due to new Direct X standards). Anyway, for most games the thing seems to run OK but now we are having issues with the latest games. I am happy with the PC overall so is it worth dropping another $80 or so for a Radeon 4650 or 3850? I know this is certainly the end of the line for upgrades but I am not prepared to do a whole mobo/card/cpu/ram thing.

If you do think it is worth it, which one is better -4650 or 3850? Funny how the 3850 is more expensive on newegg as I guess demand is higher due to memory timings? Anyway, thx in advance!

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    The 3850 is better and no, it's not worth it. The 6600 GT is a DX9c card and Borderlands is a DX9c game so it's not because of Shader Model requirements.

    Better off saving off for a new system. While you WILL experience a performance increase in some games and in some areas, your CPU is simply too slow to give a 3850 a run for it's money.
  2. Awww man -that is not the answer I was looking for... I haven't looked into it but I am sure I could crank that CPU up a little bit. I'm pretty sure it is running stock and it has a big fan on it. Mobo is Abit NF-7. I remember I bought this years ago thinking I was gong to tinker/tweak and then SLI came out and I bought a new base rig. Thanks for the reply!
  3. The HD 4650 is not as powerful as the HD3850 but it is not nearly as demanding on your psu. Another card to look for would be HD3650 I have seen them at 50-60USD. both those cards are a big upgrade from the 6600gt
  4. either of those cards is a huge step up from the 6600
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