100 mbps xbox live

i have lag when i play xbox live and i was wondering if i can get rid of it.
i have satelite internet that says it can go up to 100 mbps.
i use surf beam modem and i make the connection wireless by using a d-link router.
i connect to the connection by using my wireless bridge.
what can i do to make my gaming faster?
cause i wanna play online without any problems
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  1. Switch to wire. Wireless is inherently more susceptible to latency issues for several reasons.

    First, only two wireless stations can be communicating at any given time. Any neighbors w/ their own wireless routers or other wireless devices sharing the 2.4GHz band (cordless phones, microwave ovens, radio control equipment, etc.) are all potential sources of interference. Even multiple wireless users of your own wireless router can be a problem. Collisions occur routinely, even if you don’t necessarily notice when used for more mundane tasks (browsing, email, etc.). But when gaming, NOW the slightest interruption can be the difference between virtual life and death in your FPS, or even the ability to play at all.

    Secondly, wireless is half duplex. Even under perfect wireless conditions, half duplex means you can’t send and receive data at the same time. So you’re ALWAYS at a disadvantage compared to your wired competitors.

    Wire solves the above problems; no interference, full duplex.
  2. JordN210 Your problem with lack isn't related to the bandwidth of your internet connection (the 100mbps). It is more related to the ping which is the time it takes for the signal to travel to the intended point on the internet. In this cast the XBox Live servers.

    With satellite internet you are instantly creating a 500 to 1000 millisecond ping due to the time it takes the signal to travel from your modem to the satellite which is in geosynchronous orbit some 50,000 miles above. To be honest I am surprised that you can connect at all. We had satellite internet at our house and couldn't even connect. We switched to 3G cellular internet through Millenicom for about a year. It was better but still periods of horrid lag. We recently got permission to connect to our neighbors cable internet wirelessly and things are much, much better. We still experience hiccups but the connection is indescribably better.

    Sorry to say but I think your laggy connection is going to be a problem until you find a different ISP.
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