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alot of the core i7 motherboards got a 4+4 CPU power and some have two 4+4 CPU power. I asked a question on the same in the forum but no answer. Where do I find a power supply that does Dual 4+4 CPU Power or do I use two Power Supplys? First Forum question is here


thank you for an answer. It would be nice to see Tom's do a review on the ASUS Rampage III Extreme with both CPU power slots used.

Again thank you Tom's for being the best Tech Related Site there is.
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  1. The extra CPU power connector simply means the CPU can take up to 600W of power, mainly designed for extreme overclocking.
    As for the PSUs, I know that the Corsair HX1000W, Cooler Master Silent Pro M850 & M1000, as well as the Silent Pro Gold 1000W & 1200W have dual CPU eight pin power connections.
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