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Recently I've been getting constant freeze ups, restarts and BSODs with my newly built system. Had it for about a month before all this started happening. I've checked for viruses, reformatted, and checked drivers but it doesn't seem to stop. Last BSOD I saw had the error MACHINE_EXCEPTION

If anyone can give an advice, thank you.

the specs are:

EVGA 9800 GTX+ 512MB
AMD Phenom II X3 710 2.6GHz
Mushkin SDRAM DDR2 1066
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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions.

    I've tried checking making sure everything is in properly, even reinstalled windows 7. Haven t gotten another blue screen but the system will just freeze up and Ill have to restart. Last thing Im thinking is power supply maybe?
  2. I would venture to say that could be a good guess. RAIDMAX is GARBAGE. Never buy a case and PSU combo unless its a highly rated brand.

    When you got BSODs did it reference and file?
  3. Usually the BSODs do not. Once they said machine_exception and the other time irql_not_less_or_equal but those were only once or twice. usually just says hardware failure.
  4. Quote:

    From TweaksforGeeks:
    Sadly enough, every time I've run into it it's been a hardware error. Most commonly it is the CPU overheating. A close second would be bad RAM.

    Test your RAM with MemTest86, but I would still replace that PSU.
  5. Thank you for the advice. I ran memtest and the pass finished with no errors. I had already ordered a corsair psu so hopefully that'll be the solution come Monday.
  6. Even though memtest said there were no errors, is it possible for the ddr2 1066 to be causing it in any other way?
  7. Probably not. Try just one stick of RAM and see if your problem goes away.
  8. Replaced the psu and memory but still getting blue screens and freezes, just not as frequent...I ran memtest again....the errors only come up when I go into memtest configure menu and choose probe
  9. Any ideas from anyone please? About at the end of my rope with this thing....replaced ram, power supply even case for better air flow. Switched hardrives, reinstalled windows, reinstalled drivers, updated bios and still getting the freezes. Last thing is motherboard but before I go to buy a new one of those is there any way to test it for sure.
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