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I need a super tower that has a massive airflow because I am going to OC. I don't mind the noise it creates. I had looked: antec 1200, Thermaltake Level 10, XCLIO 1000, Thermaltake SwordM VD5000bna, Coolermaster HAF 932, and couple of transformer looking Nzxt. None of them satisfied me. Please help me to chose my new super tower(Full tower)!!
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  1. Coolermaster HAF 932 is a huge beast with excellent ventilation, airflow, and cooling. It can accomodate a grand total of 12 fans:
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  3. Take a look at the Cooler Master ATCS 840. It's big, slide out MOBO tray and very configurable. Just got one.
  4. Hang on, let me read that again...

    You want massive airflow but you're watercooling? You don't need massive airflow if you're watercooling. In fact, if you're watercooling EVERYTHING (i.e. chipset as well) you don't need any airflow at all, because all the heat is being dumped out of the radiators.

    So, the question is this: are you internally or externally mounting your rads? If internal then go Silverstone Temjin TJ07 so you can dump your rads in the bottom compartment and just run your airflow through that.

    If you're going external then case airflow means squat.
  5. TheDuke said:

    Thanks! just what I wanted!
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