X16 PCI-E Problem


I used to have the same memory and motherboard(DDR3 1333mhz and Intel P45 Extreme Series)

Anyhow, back then when i put a graphic card in the first slot it would work. it would then operate at x16 speed.

Now i got the same setup but when i try to put my 9800 GTX+ OC instead of a 4870 or GTX 280 it would not work.

The graphic card goes into it's slot correctly and is plugged in, but the display button stays orange.

The card's fan spins normally.

Another Question: Im currently using Windows XP Black edition, and everytime i turn on the pc, the mouse doesn't work, i then have to replug my Razer mouse. I never had this problem, ever.

Could it be the new Windows that is fcking me over?
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