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I've got an Asus Eee Netbook, couple years old running Windows XP. It did not come with a re-installation CD (or an optical drive), but has a legit copy of XP installed. After two years of constant use, I really need to start fresh, wipe the drive, and re-install Windows. Any idea how to get a legal copy I can install onto a flash drive to use as a boot disk? Can this be exported from the system somehow? Ordered from Microsoft? Borrowed from another CD copy?

This computer is NOT worth purchasing another licence, but I don't feel I should since I already bought one with the machine.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

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  1. To get it free, there is realy no legal way. I'm sure you could find an .iso file online or maybe you could even borrow a friend's disc.
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    keep in mind that you own a windows license. you may or may not have the installation media. Check to see if there is a system restore partition on the hard disk. you may be able to do a factory restore by pressing the appropriate keys during bootup before the windows logo appears. if you do not you must contact asus for factory restore discs or instructions on how to reinstall windows without an optical drive.
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