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I was wondering if i could reuse my thermalright trad2 vga cooler on another video card. The real question is there are ram sinks that came with the cooler. Is it okay to remove the ramsinks and just use some thermal paste to put the ramsinks on the new video card, or can i just reuse the heat sink and forget about the ram sinks? Please let me know.

link for visuals of cooler

btw, sorry i posted on here but I think heatsinks and coolers are related to cpus
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  1. You can use the remsinks on another card. They initially come with an adhesive, so you might need to clean. I would assume the thermal paste will keep them adhered to the new card.

    You'll need to check the Thermalright web page specs to see what other video card your cooler fits.
  2. I checked the trad2 cooler compatibility and it should work with the the hd 4850. I just worried about the ramsinks, so i should just take off the ramsink clean the adhesive with alcohol and apply thermal past on it? will the paste be enough to substitute the adhesive onto the new card..?
  3. The thermal paste should hold them. If you've ever separated a heatsink from the CPU after the paste has dried, it will give you an idea of how they will adhere.
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