C3/c2 cpu-motherboard issues

I'm doing a build and I want cover all my bases.
I've researched and found a c3/c2 (?) problem between two products I want:

AMD 955
Asus M4A79XTD

Apparently they are warning not to purchase that mobo with ANY c3 cpu. It should be corrected in upcoming months, according to post from last November, and I want to be sure that the products being shipped are updated. I've checked both sites and it's like navigating through a cornfield. BIOS flashing is something I want to avoid. I don't even know why I would have to flash it with these two products. I figured it was just plug n go.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. I've never built and am clueless about flashing BIOS, and the difficulty people have had doing it causes some concern, not really afraid of it, just want to plug and go.

    Not really set on that particular board, it just seemed like what I needed...mATX might not have enough pci slots for me since my gpu will probably cover at least one of those up and I need 1 or 2 free, 1 for sure.

    I don't need a mobo with 2 pci-e's, not going to crossfire. If I do, I'll get a new mobo, but I just don't need it right now.
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