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Hi there i am from new zealand so yea... i have got a Asus M2N68-AM PLUS motherboard i am just wondering if the phenom 965 and 955 will work on this mobo i have updated the bios so yea but i am just wondering im thinking about buying the 965 vut i am really not sure if its worth going for the 965 if i can get the 955 for $40 cheaper and only get 2fps difference in benchmarks so yea does the mobo support these cpu's and is it work the extra $40 for a 2fps increase
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  1. 1. M2N68-AM Plus does NOT support PII-955/965 according to the CPU support list of this MB. Hence, PII-945 rev C3 is the best choice if you don't want to buy a new MB.

    2. 965 is potentially a factory overclocked 955 and so the extra $40 is definitely a waste!
  2. while it is not officially supported the only thing stopping it is the board not being rated for 125 watt cpus. I have the same motherboard though in a HTPC with a athlon x2 6400+ which is a 125 watt cpu. Its overclocked to 3.32 at 1.54V also so its way above 125watts i would guess. The board has survived like this for a year and a half. In short if i were you i would go for it but thats just me.
  3. Yea i think il just do some more research if i really see that it cant take the 125watt cpus il just go with a 95w 945
  4. If it were me I would just go for the 945, given that it's only an AM2 board and not a true AM2+ (it only has HT1, 1000MHz), although I never would have bought that board, unless you have it from an older build, because a700-series chipset would have been better.
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