What... the hell...

I'm not a seasoned veteran when it comes to overclocking but I am by no means a novice when it comes to computers in general, so this is particularly infuriating for me at the moment... Should list hardware first I suppose...

MB: Asus M4A78-E
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE
RAM: OCZ Reaper DDR2
PSU: Corsair 750w
bla bla bla

This setup just will not OC, in any fashion... It makes no sense... Prime95 stresses don't yield crashes normally, ever... but even one small adjustment to anything in the bios other than my RAM freq (system default is 800 but this board and the ram both support operation at 1066 standard, though its at 800 presently for the purposes of a clean OC).... I don't know what the hell the problem is... I've scoured this forum and countless others on Google and there is just nothing out there that I've found yet that I a) didnt already know and b) actually proved helpful. So, please... Save the unhelpful, condescending "use the search function noob, thats why its there" remarks. ;)

This CPU comes stock at 3.2GHz (200x16) and with every single setting in the BIOS on Auto it just refuses to budge on anything. I've bumped up the CPU multiplier alone without touching the voltages, bringing it from stock 3.2 to 3.4 and even 3.3..... start stressing, down it goes... I don't get where people are pulling this pushing 3.6-3.8ghz without touching voltages at all *** from, even with voltages adjusted this thing continues to boot into windows and then die in tests... i went up one notch at a time on the core voltage with the multiplier at 17x, which is only a 200mhz rise in frequency mind you, and not one voltage provided any extra stability.

I know I should just shelve this thing and build an i7 based PC, etc etc, but I've never had any issues with this build or any of the individual components in any way. I don't have any spare CPUs or DIMMs to swap out for testing purposes, or even a spare motherboard, so... that leaves me kind of stuck going nowhere, pissing into the wind essentially...

So... What I'm looking for here is feedback from others with the same or close to the same hardware that have rectified similar issues and what the underlying cause was (bad particular BIOS revision or just an apparent buggy flashing on the last update), or some direction in terms of more component-specific tests that would perhaps help narrow down the cause of the issue here, be it shedding a little extra light on the various tests and configurations in Prime95 (thats the stress test im running thats causing auto-reboots) or separate stressers/benchmarkers that might give a little more to go on then "something failed. figure it out" hehe

Again, Prime95 I have let run for days with the BIOS settings I've used since I put this build together, never an error... Simply bumping the multiplier from the stock 16x to 16.5, or any other change, inevitably causes errors or reboots. Bad hardware doesn't seem likely, given that first piece of information. but at this point... who knows. seems as if decades of experience with PCs doesn't apply at this time. :P

Any help or insight will be most appreciated. TYIA.
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  1. WHats the power supply you have. If it cannot keep up turning up the voltage does nothing. I have a 1090T at 4 and my son has the 955BE at 3.8..

  2. Quote:
    with every single setting in the BIOS on Auto it just refuses to budge on anything.

    There's your problem
  3. I would first look at your hardware..when you want to over clock you my parts that are have some headroom to do it and the cpu if your lucky will be stable. I would first start up making sure your mb bios is up to date there been few cpu code updates for it. i would then download cpu-z and look at the ram jedc it going to have what called an xmp profile that the 1066 ram settings.
    copy that down and reboot into your bios and see if the mb you can change the ram setings to match the xmp profile. dont forget to bump the voltage too for the ram. reboot and run some stress test to see if the ram is stable. with the faster ram bus speed go back in and try to raise the cpu speed. just be carfull not to change the pci bus speed. if it go to far out of 100 range your video card and pci devices will lock up.
  4. "There's your problem"

    Didn't read the whole thing I guess... What I meant was I began with everything defaulted out, like youre supposed to, and bumped up one area a little bit at a time... cpu multiplier alone til it gets unstable, then up the core voltage... up a notch, up a notch, etc... i know the process... the process isn't working the way its supposed to is what i was saying. any change at all, regardless of the combination of clocks+volts

    i have the latest bios for the board installed, thats another reason for the post as i described, was wondering if anyone had to revert to the next newest revision or whatever...

    i have a 750 watt corsair psu, bout 6 months old or so... etc

    i know the right way to do what im doing, but any slight change is rejected, thats why this is baffling me... im not starting off right out of the gate trying to hit 4.0ghz and its not working or something, if there's any setting adjusted at all, even if its only the next increment up from stock value, then its forces reboot...

    guess ill just flash to a different bios revision and try it again
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